We are back on US soil after a 2 week trip to Russian Arctic, Siberia and Wrangel Island. Our first stop on our trip was Nome, a sleepy town in where the only nonhuman wildlife was a prehistoric looking Muskox20130722 00220130722_MG_9268

We were glad we got there a day early as the airport was fogged in the morning of our departure date, and four people’s flight couldn’t land in Nome that morning. Later in the day they had to charter a flight from Anchorage at $2,500 a piece. Ouch.  Our flight to Anadyr, Russia crossed four time zones in this little plane:

20130723 20130723 20130723 _MG_9440  20130723 00420130723_MG_9457

Of course at this latitude (65 degrees North) that four time zones was only 500 miles across and even in a slow propeller plane it was an easy two hour flight.

While our ship was nice, though the transfer by barge to our ship was a little more 3rd worldish than we expected.  But our cabin was spacious.

20130726 00920130726_MG_0615 20130723 00520001231_MG_9621  20130802 20130802 20130802 _MG_5078

Our first few landings were uneventful without much wildlife.  But we did see 3 walrus carcases which had been slaughtered by the natives for their tusks, and disprove the urban myth that the natives always use 100% of what they kill.

20130726 04220130726_MG_0395

Our focus for the trip was to see polar bears, and we saw a only few, a disappointing 19 over 8 days in polar bear county.  Unfortunately due to hunting by the Russian natives from the mainland, we usually only saw their rear ends as they ran away from us as fast as they could.

20130728 02820001231_MG_2180 ver 2

However a few were less skittish and we got some good pictures of mothers and their cubs.

20130728 04620130728_MG_2116 20130728 04520130728_MG_2131

20130803 04820130803_MG_5828

Wrangel Island itself was not much, just tundra, old buildings and discarded 55 gallon drums left over from Soviet era attempts to staff the island.

20130730 02220130731_MG_3582 20130731 02120130731_MG_382020130731 02320130731_MG_4148

Though most landings were devoid of wildlife, we did see some walrus and puffins

20130731 03620130731_MG_4505 20130731 03720130731_MG_4515

20130725 01620130725_MG_0029 ver 2 20130725 01820130725_MG_0254

The weather was basically good and while cold, never got below freezing.  But when you are on boat going 5-10 knots, the wind chill factor can be serve.  Overall an interesting adventure, though probably not one we will repeat. Now off to the second half of our Far North adventure, 10 days photographing Alaska landscapes and wildlife.


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