About 2 weeks ago we left the beauty of San Francisco for Norway in another attempt to photograph the magnificent polar bear.

20140706_MG_3920 20140706_MG_3935



Our attempt last year in Siberia did not generate great results.  But this time the bears did not run and we got some good close shots

Polar Bear Polar Bear Mom with her pup

We were able to get up close with the other large Arctic animal, the walrus, as well:

Walrus Walrus

We also saw reindeer and the elusive Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox

Polar Bear & Reindeer


And of course no trip would be complete without the obligatory bird photography:

Dovekie Dovekie flock returning to nesting grounds

Speaking of birds we are off to photograph Eagles on the Norway coast for a few days before heading home next Friday.





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