We are half way through our African adventure. It started with an one day layover in Istanbul where we toured the old part of the city and visited many of their craftsmen:
2_MG_0421  _MG_0261

Then on to Nairobi were we met our adopted elephant orphan Sonja

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust 4_MG_0867

(we were more excited than her handler).

Our next stop was Tanzania for a week in the Serengeti. While the migration hadn’t started, their was plenty of wildlife for us to photograph.

We saw the king of the jungle
35_MG_5001  _MG_5040
and the king of the termite hill
9_MG_2657 10_MG_6720

We photographed many active animals and birds



and even some sleeping and eating ones

39_MG_6535 - Version 2 45_MG_5814 15_MG_1678

Our accommodations were good:

No, they were really were good
_MG_6000 IMG_4758
Off to Kenya for almost two more weeks of adventure and then home to Jon’s new grandson – Van Duke d’Alessio.


Jon and Catherine

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