After a flight with Jon siting next to a 2 year old on his Mom’s lap, Catherine siting in front of a 5 year old kicking her seat and a go around on our first attempt at a landing at SFO (we were too high) we have arrived home safe and sound from our Far North Adventure to Siberia and Alaska. The Alaska portion of our trip also turned out to be not as expected.   We visited 3 of Alaska’s iconic national parks – Kenai, Denali and Katmai to photograph Alaska’s wildlife and landscapes.  The curve ball was that it rained 10 of the 11 days of our visit.  Rain posses a unique challenge for landscape photography as it turns beautiful scenery into something less

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But we did get enough sun to see Mt McKinley, a treat only 10% of travelers to the area get to see

20130813 05820130813_MG_7570

While we did see  moose and caribou

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The main wildlife draw were the bears at Brooks Falls in Katmai and we saw many of them.

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20130814 06420001231_MG_7958

As usual for our trips Catherine drew a crowd with her pictures and stories; and the only pictures of Jon were self portraits

20130814 20130814 20001231 _MG_7784 20130812 20130812 20130812 _MG_7457

It was a rough trip.  Both of us caught colds and Jon damaged two camera and an ear drum – all of which are temporary.  But what was forever were our pictures and memories of a wild and different country with its unique beauty.


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