Jon has been to Africa 5 times, Catherine 4 times. You could ask why we are going back when we have seen most of the highlights of an African safari: getting good photographs of all the typical animals from the big cats to rhinos and wild dogs, animals posing for us in great light, cheetahs up a tree, wonderful behavior, etc. But are missing two big ones:

  • the migration
  • seeing a kill

We can’t do much about a kill except be there and get lucky.  But we can improve the odds about seeing the migration. We have picked what we hope will be the right locations and the right time spending  3 weeks at 4 different camps on the Serengeti/Masa Mari border in the early fall.  It improves the odds dramatically that the migration will come through while we are there.    But nature has no guarantees


Map generated by the Great Circle Mapper – copyright © Karl L. Swartz.

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