Today we leave for Iceland and relief from the heat of the East Coast.  We have spent the last week in North Carolina for Catherine’s annual family reunion and in New York visiting her son.  And it was hot, with temperatures exceeding 90 degrees 5 of the 8 days. And it was not a dry heat.

In contrast the temperature tomorrow is expected to peak at a lowly 57 in Reykjavik, so out will come our cold weather clothes which met us in New York (we had them shipped separately).

Carolina Beach was hot but the ocean provided welcome relief

20150716 7I5A5117.CR2

20150715 7I5A4487.CR2

And while the focus was on the family, we did get some bird photography in, like this pelican fishing:

20150715 7I5A4445     20150715 7I5A4446and this osprey and willet

20150714 7I5A4176.CR2 20150713 7I5A3151

In New York we undertook more typical tourist activities, such as a tour of New York’s harbor and the Statue of Liberty

20150719 7I5A5390

(that’s Catherine on the right)

and watching the street jugglers

20150718 7I5A5268Besides the heat, a common thread of both North Carolina and New York was the water activities we observed (Carolina Beach (no Pacific surf here) and New York Harbor)

20150715 7I5A4521.JPG 7I5A5477

An unusual twist was that Obama was in New York when we arrived,  like us visiting his children, but unlike us with a large police escort to help him get around town (and make it harder for everyone else).

20150718 7I5A5287

Well, Iceland and its beautiful landscapes, cute puffins and 30 degrees cooler temperatures beckons and we can’t wait.

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