Indian Roller


After a unreal start to our tiger trip – 5 good to great photo ops of  tigers in first 4 drives, the well went dry and we had only 1 more opportunity in the next 12 drives, and that was on our last drive. That one required us to patiently wait for an an hour for a tiger to come out of the jungle. Others had seen it go into the jungle and we had a good idea where it was going to exit but no idea when.


The game drive experience can be summed up by this short video.

Tigers, however magnificent they may be, are not the only wildlife in the Indian jungle. We feasted on the birds and other mammals in the area when we couldn’t find tigers, which was most of the time.

Rollers are beautiful birds and we have photographed the European Roller in Hungry and the Lilac-breasted Roller in Africa. Here we ran across the Indian Roller and it was as colorful as its cousins.

20160407-_I5A2181 20160407-_I5A2182

The Indian jungle is full of monkeys and this time of year they had all sizes of  babies. We were lucky enough to catch a couple of very young ones.



This spotted deer is one of the four species of deer we saw in India:


Our next stop featured birds and few mammals, the largest predator being a jackal.


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