On our first two trips to Antarctica we stopped in the Falkland Islands on our way and were taken in by the bird life we saw there.  So when our friend Joe asked if we would like to go in January 2016 we jumped at the chance.  And we were not disappointed as the opportunity to stay on shore instead of quick visits by zodiac lead to more and different opportunities.

We saw four penguins species

Magellnaic & Macaroni

20160110-7I5A7299 20160112-7I5A0198

Gentoo and King (notice how much bigger the Kings are than the Magellanics.)

20160111-7I5A9583 20160116-7I5A3321

We also saw at lot of wind, experiencing winds in excess of 20 miles per hour 10 of our 14 days in the island,

20160110-7I5A8851  20160110-7I5A8214

It didn’t help that the Falkland Islands are barren and devoid of trees so that nothing slowed down the wind

20160114-7I5A1929  20160114-7I5A2140

We even got some snow


The weather is best shown by video

See our net blog for more pictures of penguins and the other birds we saw



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