We are wrapping up our African Adventure as we are sitting in our hotel awaiting our flight home at 3:45 – in the morning.  Don’t ask.

It was a wonderful trip.  We saw the big five (cape buffalo, lion, rhino, elephant, leopard)

_MG_1749 _MG_9909 _MG_1304 _MG_1009 _MG_5150

and the usual suspects (Zebra, Giraffe & Cheetah, Wildebeest)

_MG_0285 _MG_0439 _MG_2015

We will let you decide who should be crowned king of the terminate mound (Topi, Mongoose, Baboon, Cheetah)

_MG_1078 _MG_2007 _MG_1922


We liked to watch animal behavior.  They are so interesting. For example, everyone knows cats like to drink water but not get into it.  But once this female went in, the male quickly followed

_MG_2852 _MG_2879

Of course, his attitude quickly changed when she turned down his courting


We came for the cheetahs and got our fill

10_MG_6720 _MG_8140 _MG_7965

And took some interesting pictures (flamingos and god’s beams)

_MG_4787 _MG_5060

Looking forward to returning home and seeing our new grandchild.



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