Our trip to the Antartica started in Ushuaia, the Southernmost city in the world.  Being at the botom of the world did not make it immune from the bane of any city – traffic.

_MG_2579            _MG_2574

Our first stop was the Falkland Islands where the weather varied between rainy to sunny.

_MG_3979 _MG_3328

We saw the werid looking Rock Shag and the more common Albatross.

_MG_3195 _MG_2986 copy

and we even got a taste of the penguins we came to Antarctica to see


In South Groegia we got more than a taste of penguins as hundreds of thousands of penguin occupied our landing sites.

_MG_6067 _MG_4888

Catherine put her bird whispering skills to good use as the penguins lined up to talk to her.

_MG_5995     _MG_5998

We saw what you expect to see in Africa, not Antarctica, a kill as the skuas took down a penguin that was wounded at sea (most likely by a leopard seal).


But the surviving penguins made for great photographic opportunities

_MG_5937   _MG_6063 _MG_4904

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