Greetings from Africa.  We just finished the Botswana portion of trip and are resting up for our attack on the Rwanda gorillas.

We have seen a lot of what Africa has to offer, with the usual suspects posing for us:

20121016 _MG_9533 20121018 _MG_078820121018 _MG_0849 20121020 _MG_2313 (1)20121020 _MG_2136

And enough birds to satisfy Catherine:

20121017 _MG_0573 20121016 _MG_9850 20121018 _MG_1037 20121020 _MG_1742

And action to satisfy Jon:

20121020 _MG_1858 20121020 _MG_2325 20121022 _MG_3127

We have flown many miles on large (Airbus 380 – largest passenger plane in the world with 500 passengers) and small (Cessna with 5 passengers) planes:

20121013 _MG_8710 20121018 _MG_0973

And enjoyed African safari hospitality:

20121020 _MG_2361

See you when we return


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