We completed our treks to the gorillas of Rwanda. It was tough as the treks to reach the gorillas ranged from a little under an hour to 2-/2 hours, mostly uphill and often starting at over 8,500 feet. Catherine completed 3 before injuring her knee and Jon made all 5. It was well worth it as they posed for us (showing how close to humans they are), we didn’t have any rain, and it was overcast (no shadows, cool). Both of us were touched by them, both literally and figuratively.

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We have switched our attention to giraffes as we recover and prepare for our trip home. We are staying at the Giraffe Manor in Nairobi and the giraffes come up to the patio in front of the building to be feed.

20121105 20001231 _MG_9573

We return late on election day (don’t forget to vote).

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