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After a 3 day stay in the Kirindy Reserve we flew back to the capital and then drove for 3 hours to the Andasibe  area where we hoped to see the find the rare Indri, the largest of the lemurs. It is know for its spine-chilling howls when it communicates with its friends.  We were successful in our quest and experienced their howl upclose, personal and loud:

We were also able to track them down and get some close up shots without having to use our longest telephoto lens.

20151023 _I5A2670

20151023 _I5A2705

20151023 _I5A2757

Our trip was in late October which is spring time in Madagascar. It was baby time and we saw our fair share. Most of were still clinging to their mothers but a few were starting to venture a meter or two from Mom.

20151018 _I5A0262

20151022 _I5A2457

20151019 _I5A0659

This area was a tropical rainforest, and as such the light was poor with few photographic windows but we were able to get more shots of lemurs in the trees

20151022 _I5A2091

20151021 _I5A1590

After several intra county flights on Air Madagascar, it was clear it was not your usual airline. Like many other airlines its labor relations are poor but its union struck early this year not over pay but over “poor governance and mismanagement”. For example the schedule is not set until 10PM the night before. We had one flight change from 4:30PM to 10:30AM overnight.  And while its enforcement of its carry on policy was inconsistent like most airlines, your options for dealing getting around its stated policy  included paying off the enforcing employee. And that option had to be exercised.

We then headed south to the spiny desert where we hoped to photograph the dancing lemurs


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