We completed the Florida half of our Spring bird trip to the south. So far the theme has been hot (it was the South after all), and Escargot  (Snail Kites) and frog legs (Green Heron):

20150408 7I5A5570.CR2

20150411 7I5A0314.CR2

We started out at Lake Lake Tohopekaliga near Orlando looking for snail kites, an endangered bird with a US population of only 2,000. We did quite well, seeing more than our share of them and watching them hunt, catch and then eat their favorite (and only food), the Apple Snail.

20150408 7I5A6290.CR2


20150408 7I5A6088.CR220150409 7I5A7429.CR2

We did so well with the snail kites that we left a day early and set out for the east coast of Florida. It was an 1-1/2 drive and we had to leave at 5:30 to get there by sunrise (ugh). Our target was a shorebird rookery featuring Rosette Spoonbills, one of our favorite birds because it is big, slow and colorful.

7I5A0063 7I5A9004It was nesting time, so the resourceful birds were coming back to their nest with branches and other nesting material, though a few were already tending to their hatched chicks.

7I5A0040 7I5A8985 7I5A9237

Here we also saw more frog eating birds such as the Great Blue Heron and Great Egret

20150411 7I5A0340.CR2 20150411 7I5A0379.CR2

Not all shorebirds like frogs, some eat fish, like the Osprey, Bald Eagle (yes they have Eagles in Florida!) and Great Egrets.

20150409 7I5A6489.CR2 20150409 7I5A7295.CR2 20150412 7I5A0950.CR2

And we spotted the elusive White Ibis and its even more skittish cousin the Glossy Ibis.

20150411 7I5A0653.CR2

While it officially spring time in Florida, it felt like summer as temperatures were in high 80’s, with no clouds or rain to cool things off until we finished up this leg of the trip in Jacksonville. There we got off and on rain (wish we could take it home with us to California).

While in Jackson we had to visit the St Augustine Alligator Farm. As luck would have it started raining when we arrived at the Farm and stopped when we left (not the best for photography) but the alligators did not let us down

20150412 7I5A0809.CR2 20150412 7I5A0858.CR2

Overall we had a great time and now on to Texas and the song birds of the Rio Grande Valley.

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