Iceland is one the iconic places to visit for photographers, particularly landscape ones.  So you can ask why as wildlife photographers we are going there.  First we occasionaly do landscapes, either as a change of pace or when the wildlife desert us, which happens more than we like.  Second, Iceland has good wildlife and one bird on Catherine’s hot list – puffins.  So it is a  twofer – wildlife and landscapes.

The trip got a little longer when Catherine’s family decided to have their annual summer reunion the week before we our Iceland trip. Rather than do a cross country trip in-between, we decided to visit Catherine’s son in New York before heading to Iceland. So this trip includes both the heat and humidity of North Carolina in the summer and the summer cold of the Arctic (30’s-40’s). That will be a packing challenge.


Map generated by the Great Circle Mapper – copyright © Karl L. Swartz.

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