We made it back home today after spending over a month in Asia. After our two week adventure in Mongolia, we visited a tamer area – Japan. We started in Tokyo, which of course doesn’t have much wildlife. So Catherine switched to photographing weddings, and we saw many at the Meiji Shrine. They are colorful. One interesting observation: nobody seemed to be enjoying themselves, they were very solemn wedding parties.

20141017 20141017  _MG_2988   20141017 20141017  _MG_3063

While the food was good in Mongolia, it was better in Japan and the presentation unique.20141016 20141016  _MG_2886

After Tokyo we moved on to the Japanese Alps to visit the snow monkeys. You may ask why would we visit the snow monkeys when there was not any snow. Well, they still are quite cute

20141019 20141019  _MG_3974

and their behavior still interesting.

20141019 20141019 _MG_4155

20141019 20141019  _MG_3873   20141019 20141019  _MG_3874    20141019 20141019  _MG_3875   20141019 20141019  _MG_3876

To top it off we were lucky enough to get some good fall colors that made a nice background.
20141019 20141019  _MG_3998
We then moved on to Kyoto to visit Catherine’s brother and his wife (who where spending a year in Kyoto on sabbatical and heading up their school’s abroad program.) They took us to some of the iconic temples and there we had to fight with the crowds to get some good (or sometimes even any) photographs.
20141022 20141022  _MG_4523 20141023 20141023  _MG_4652

We also saw two festivals which showed a different side of Kyoto

20141022 20141022  _MG_4407 20141021 20141021  _MG_4267

and of course we got some bird photography in

20141026 20141026  _MG_5423 20141026 20141026  IMG_5623 

In Japan the Halloween season had startedand it was time for us to return home

20141024 20141024  _MG_4906

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